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Contact Info:
State: North Dakota
City: Sw Fargo
Street: 4012 19th Avenue
ZIP: 58103
Phone: (701) 277-3889
 Serves: Worldwide
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
Aakers College is a private, commercial 2-year school providing A.A.S. Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates in programs ranging from Business Management to Medical Office training. The College is certified by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, an organization acknowledged by the United States Department of Education.

Aakers College offers an educational experience that can meet the students' needs and requirements. The College does its best to provide students with the best preparation and the most comfortable environment so that they might get the most out of their education. Students graduate from Aakers with the preparation they need to begin a rewarding career or to just improve their skills. The College's goal is to give students the chance to improve both the technical knowledge and the personal skills essential to employment in the ever-changing business world.

To go to Aakers College, there are a few steps to start. First an applicant should call the school and agree on time for a tour and interview. Parents, friends, and anybody else are welcome to come with the applicant. After that, the applicant must provide a high school, or equivalent, diploma and transcripts from any other colleges attended in the past if were such. Entrance examinations should also be taken to make certain that the applicants have chosen the right courses for their needs and abilities. Then a would-be student should just attend orientation that takes place one week prior to the classes begin.

Financial Aid
At the Aakers College Financial Aid Department, students can apply for financial assistance that may embrace Gift Aid, Employment/Work Study, Loans, Scholarships, and Veteran's Benefits. Aakers offers many scholarship opportunities for students, such as Scholarship America, Dollars for Scholars, Institutional Scholarship & Grant Programs, and The Aakers College Institutional Achievement Scholarship Fund. Admission Representatives may answer all questions students may have about applying for and getting financial assistance packages.

Career Services
All students at Aakers have access to the College's broad career search training. The Career Services Department presents courses in writing Resumes and Cover Letters, Professional Portfolios, Career Guidance, and Networking with Local Businesses.

Points of Distinction
- Full accreditation providing Bachelors degrees, Associates degrees and certificates
- Private, small city campus situated in North Dakota
- Attend class all year round to graduate faster
- Great flexibility offering both nighttime and online classes
- Small class sizes for enhanced attention and learning

Note: Recently, Aakers College and Webster College has become Rasmussen College.  Both Aakers and Webster, have been a part of the Rasmussen College system for some years, and now we are changing names and making everything official.


Programs offered by this school:
Associates Degree in Accounting
Associates Degree in Banking
Associates Degree in Business Administration
Associates Degree in Business Management
Associates Degree in Call Center Management
Associates Degree in Child Development
Associates Degree in Computer Information Technology
Associates Degree in Corporate Management
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
Associates Degree in Financial Accounting
Associates Degree in Financial Investigation
Associates Degree in Government Office Management
Associates Degree in Health Information Technician
Associates Degree in Human Resource
Associates Degree in Internet Marketing
Associates Degree in Marketing and Sales
Associates Degree in Massage Therapy
Associates Degree in Medical Administration
Associates Degree in Medical Assisting
Associates Degree in Medical Lab Technician
Associates Degree in Medical Office
Associates Degree in Medical Transcription
Associates Degree in Network Administration
Associates Degree in Office Management
Associates Degree in Pharmacy Technician
Associates Degree in Small Business Management
Associates Degree in Surgical Technology
Associates Degree in Web Design
Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Bachelors Degree in Business Management
Bachelors Degree in Client Services
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Investigations
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Offenders
Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management
Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security
Bachelors Degree in Human Resource
Bachelors Degree in Information Technology
Bachelors Degree in Internet Marketing
Bachelors Degree in Management
Diploma Program in Accounting
Diploma Program in Massage Therapy
Diploma Program in Medical Assisting
Diploma Program in Medical Coding
Diploma Program in Medical Transcription