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Contact Info:
State: Kansas
City: Manhattan
Street: 1213 Bakers Way
ZIP: 66505
Phone: +1-785-537-4750
 Serves: Worldwide
 Enrollment: Rolling
 Financial Aid: No
 Scholarships: Yes
AIB International was founded as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors.  The main mission of the organization was to put science to work for the baker, and that basic theme is still central to all of the programs, products, and services provided by AIB to baking and general food production industries worldwide.

In spite of the fact that AIB's history has been related to North American wholesale and retail baking, at present the Institute serves a variety of segments of the food processing, distribution, foodservice, and retail industries worldwide. Nowadays AIB is well-positioned in such areas as:
- Audit Services
- School of Baking
- Food Safety Education
- Research and Technical Services
As for AIB's staff it includes experts of baking production field; research related to experimental baking, cereal science, and nutrition; food safety and hygiene; occupational safety; and maintenance engineering.

AIB is headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, one of the major centers for wheat and related grain product research and development in the entire world. The Institute works closely with local grain science and trade organizations, and maintains relationships with many other food production and equipment, trade development, food safety, and food legislation groups and university food science research programs both in the United States and abroad.

Candidates must meet the following entrance requirements:  1) high school diploma or GED and 2) two years of baking experience OR passing grade (overall score of 70% or higher) in AIB's Science of Baking Correspondence Course OR have attained AIB Certified Baker status OR other formal education in food science considered equivalent by AIB's Admissions ; 3) starting after August 2010, for English as a second language students a required score of 400 on the TOEIC or 75 in the TOEFL is required.

AIB awards scholarships annually to self-sponsored students attending AIB's 16-week Baking Science and Technology (BS&T) course. A single scholarship application form assures the candidate of consideration for all awards. The failure of an applicant to qualify for a scholarship does not affect admission status; he or she may still attend AIB's 16-week course, provided he or she is otherwise qualified.



Programs offered by this school:
Certificate Program in Baking
Certificate Program in Baking Science and Technology
Certificate Program in Food Safety and Defense
Certificate Program in Maintenance Engineering