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Contact Info:
State: California
City: Scotts Valley
Street: 800 Bethany Drive
ZIP: 95066
Phone: (831) 438-3800
 Serves: Worldwide
 Enrollment: Semesters
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
Bethany University was established in 1919 as a training center for San Francisco ministry. It was the first college founded by the Assemblies of God. It was formerly called Bethany Bible College and Bethany College. Currently the school offers associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees in the arts and sciences and professional studies on-campus, online and in distributed locations.

Bethany University is dedicate to preparing men and women who have a sense of service, whether as ministers in a church or by contributing their constructive influence vocationally in the larger society. As such, the campus community puts importance on a life style that honors this commitment. Besides, all students are required to get knowledge in Bible, theology, church history, and practical ministry.

The school strives to achieve the five following student outcomes:
1) character development;
2) ministry development;
3) leadership development;
4) intercultural awareness;
5) professional excellence.

Degree programs at Bethany University offer a plenty of choices to fit the many and varied circumstances in the lives of prospective students. As a rule high school graduates are interested in the experience that traditional program provides, learning on campus while growing socially with other students. For working adults our eBethany program provides flexibility with work schedules and leverages your professional experience. Graduate programs are for students searching for an advanced degree that will take them to the next level.

Bethany University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges; recognized by the California Commission of Teaching Credentialing (CCTC); approved by the Board of Behavioral Science (BBS); endorsed by A.G. Board of Christian Higher Education.

Financial Aid
Bethany's financial aid program is designed to help students obtain a private liberal arts education. Its financial assistance program of grants, scholarships, loans, and work assistance are available to help students achieve their educational goals. 



Programs offered by this school:
Associate of Arts in Child Development
Associate of Arts in Church Ministries
Bachelor of Arts in Addiction Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
Bachelor of Arts in Child Development
Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry Leadership
Bachelor of Arts in Music/Church Music
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
Certificate Program in Addiction Studies
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Science in Teaching/Educational Leadership
Master of Science in Teaching/Multiple Subject
Master of Science in Teaching/Single Subject
Masters Degree in Christian Ministry