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Colleges and Universities - USA Universities - Bryan College of Sacramento

Contact Info:
State: California
City: Gold River
Street: 2317 Gold Meadow Way
ZIP: 95670
Phone: 800-878-5515
 Serves: Worldwide
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: No
Bryan College is an equal opportunity institution committed to providing a diverse academic environment for its students, faculty and staff, regardless of national origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran's status, pregnancy, disability, age, or any other legally protected status. Bryan College is licensed by the State of California and approved by the National Court Reporters Association. Bryan College is always ready to offer you convenient campus locations and online programs.

A freshman must have a high school diploma or equivalent before he can enter Bryan College. It is also necessary to complete the following steps to help you decide whether you'll have a successful educational experience:
-    Interview with an admissions representative at your convenience.
-    Take a skills evaluation test.
-    Tour the campus.
It would be better for you to attend the interview with a parent, spouse or somebody else. Skills evaluation doesn't guarantee a student's ability to succeed in the offered programs. Admission to Bryan College is evaluated and determined on an individual basis.

Financial Aid
Bryan College offers various financial aid options including loans or grants that depend on your financial situation. Every program has its own set of requirements to qualify for the program.

Loan options include the following:
-    Alternative loans;
-    Federal Parent Loan For Undergraduate Students (PLUS);
-    Federal Stafford Loan (formerly Guaranteed Student Loan).

You may also apply for any of these grants:
-    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG);
-    Federal Pell Grant.

Career Services
-    Interview preparation and presentation;
-    Resume and cover letter development;
-    Networking suggestions and opportunities;
-    Business Plan research and development;
-    Job placement;
-    Career workshops and guidance.



Programs offered by this school:
Associates Degree in Advanced Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Associates Degree in Advanced Therapeutic Massage & Fitness
Associates Degree in Court Reporting
Associates Degree in Exercise Science