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Contact Info:
State: New Jersey
City: Dover
Street: 15 East Blackwell St.
ZIP: 07801
Phone: (973) 285-8400
 Serves: Worldwide
 Enrollment: rolling
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
Dover Business College's programs are consistent with sound educational principles yet allow students to complete training quickly. The training here is career oriented and skill specific. The college is dedicated to providing students with a superior education that will result in a rewarding career. 

The college is career and placement oriented and is dedicated to helping students succeed. The students are provided with educational advisement at admission; are enrolled in programs that best meet their individual needs, abilities, and career goals; experience a supportive and stimulating student-centered learning environment which affords constant accessibility to academic and career counseling; and are assisted by career professionals who provide placement services to students and graduates.

Dover Business College has the following schools of study:
- School of Healthcare
- School of IT
- School of Business

Dover Business College provides students with an education that balances academic preparation, professional training, and hands-on experience. It considers students for admission on the basis of future promise and the motivation to succeed in a chosen profession. 

The basic requirements for admission are graduation from high school or equivalent (GED), and an entrance exam, and a personal interview is strongly recommended.

Financial Aid
Dover Business College has the following types of financial aid:
- Federal Pell Grant;
- Federal Loans;
- Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan (FSL);
- Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (UFSL);
- Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS); 
- Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG);
- Benefits For Veterans; 
- Scholarships and Awards; 
- Alumni Scholarships.

Career Services
Dover Business College offers the following career services: career counseling and placement services; career and professional development; job placement strategies; lifetime placement assistance; part-time employment.



Programs offered by this school:
Diploma Program in Business Administration
Diploma Program in Computer Applications
Diploma Program in Computer Information Specialist
Diploma Program in Computer Support and Network Administration
Diploma Program in Computerized Accounting
Diploma Program in Database Administration and Support
Diploma Program in Email Administration and Support
Diploma Program in Licensed Practical Nurse
Diploma Program in Massage Therapy
Diploma Program in Medical Assisting
Diploma Program in Medical Insurance and Coding Administration
Diploma Program in Office Systems Management
Diploma Program in Patient Care Technician
Diploma Program in Surgical Technologist