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Contact Info:
State: Georgia
City: Moultrie
Street: 800 Veterans Parkway North
ZIP: 31788
Phone: (229) 891-7000
 Serves: USA
 Enrollment: once a year
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
Moultrie Technical College is focused on their studentsí success in modern changing market economy. Faculty and staff of the college are committed to providing quality and experienced services and instructions to guarantee an captivating learning experience. Instructors of Moultrie Technical College are professionals. They are devoted to the reacting changes that students, the community, business and industry need.

Moultrie Technical College is a multiple campus institution of higher learning whose mission is to provide a culture of learning through occupational education, academic education, business and industry training, and workforce development. Moultrie Technical College is ready to offer a wide diversity of certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Students of Moultrie Technical College may choose from over 140 programs.

University entrants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. Depending on the certain program of study, education requirements may vary. A high school diploma or GED will be necessary for admission to the Technical College.  Admission to specific programs requires that applicants have adequate educational preparation.

Financial Aid
For eligible, deserving students who have to find funds in order to attend classes, Moultrie Technical College continues to support grants, scholarships, and employment opportunities. The fundamental aim of financial aid programs of Moultrie Technical College is to make educational opportunities possible for students who would normally be deprived of education because of deficient funds.

Career Service
The main goal of Moultrie Technical College is that every graduating student finds profitable employment where it is necessary to use abilities acquired during their course of study. Despite Moultrie Technical College does not ensure employment after graduation, the staff of Career Services will use every resource possible to help its students to find work in their field. Career Services of Moultrie Technical College cooperate with members of the business and industry communities to assist students in finding jobs using their skills and abilities obtained through their specialized education at Moultrie Tech.



Programs offered by this school:
Certificate Program in Banking and Financial Services
Certificate Program in Industrial Supervisor
Certificate Program in Interior Design
Diploma Program in Business Office Technology
Diploma Program in Management and Supervision