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Contact Info:
State: Pennsylvania
City: Lower Burrell
Street: 1250 Greensburg Rd
ZIP: 15068
Phone: (724) 335-5336
 Serves: Worldwide
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
Oakbridge Academy of Arts is a school that offers a foundation on which we construct futures. It makes a structure to maintain the form of lives that will be an essential part of efficiency and success in the world. Our Philosophy is to present and encourage practical experience and skills, material and equipment use, methods and procedures to provide the student with the required knowledge to make his or her contribution to the proficient world of graphic communications, photography, and business in present day society.

The Oakbridge Academy of Arts is an art school and a photography school that focuses on career educational opportunities and preparation for the student who desires to get the working skills needed to succeed in today's competitive visual arts society.

The programs are created to present students an intense study. Our approach to vocational education provides every person with the training to realize his or her potential for growth. The Academy closely works with every student on an individual basis towards their proficiency as a visual artist or professional photographer.

Oakbridge Academy of Arts is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT).

Potential students are encouraged to visit campus, explore the facilities, and have a meeting with an admissions representative. Temporary acceptance is granted when an application has been submitted.

Financial Aid
Federal assistance, such as Pell grants and subsidized loans, are obtainable to students who qualify. Besides, Oakbridge offers a number of scholarships.

Career Services
Oakbridge offers students and area employers a highly efficient job matching service. An externship programs puts students on a path toward their visual career objectives.



Programs offered by this school:
Associates Degree in Photography
Associates Degree in Visual Design
Diploma Program in Digital Communication and Design for the Web