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Colleges and Universities - USA Universities - University of Hawaii - West O‘ahu

Contact Info:
State: Hawaii
City: Pearl City
Street: 96-129 Ala Ike
ZIP: 96782
Phone: 808-454-4700
 Serves: Worldwide
 Enrollment: twice a year
 Financial Aid: Yes
 Scholarships: Yes
The University is located in the leeward O‘ahu area, as the public four-year university UH West O‘ahu is committed to the continuing development of the region through both innovative educational offerings and public service activity. The university pays much its attention to quality teaching and flexible class schedules that encourage life-long learning, thus giving students the opportunity to pursue career-related education connected with the values, ideas, and challenges of the liberal arts.

Targeting the communities of west O‘ahu and other underserved parts of the state, UH West O‘ahu meets the educational needs of both recent high school graduates and non-traditional students all over the world. It provides innovative alternative learning opportunities such as instruction via computer and telecommunications, certificate programs, mentoring and individualized degree programs. 

The University provides an environment where students and faculty can discover, examine, preserve and transmit knowledge and values that provide the foundation for the development of present and future generations of citizens and results in the improvement of the quality of life.

Faculty at the University engage in three basic types of activities: 
1) teaching
2) knowledge creation
3) service
The University is also supportive of those research and public service activities that enhance and enrich its instructional program. This institution has been created for students who wish to pursue their educational and professional goals through a curriculum that emphasizes the humanities, social sciences and selected professional program. 

The University’s curriculum offerings are founded on the principle that career training and the humanities and social sciences are complementary and interdependent. Whereas attending the University, students are encouraged to seek both breadth and depth in their educational experiences, as well as, explore relationships between and among the various studies. The full development of the talents and abilities of each student is the principal concern and the major focus of the faculty and staff.



Programs offered by this school:
Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Business Administration
Certificate Program in Emergency and Disaster Management
Certificate Program in Healthcare Administration